• Is SmartClick available on IOS platform?

We have planned the availability of SmartClick on Ios in near future.

  • What is the size of the application?

The size of the application is less than 5 MB.

  • Does SmartClick work only online or also offline?

Yes, SmartClick works in both online and offline mode.

  • How much mobile data is required for SmartClick app per month?

The minimum data requirement is 50 MB while the maximum data requirement is 300 MB.

  • How does SmartClick affect device performance?

SmartClick doesn’t affect the performance of the smartphone device.

  • What are the minimum number of users to subscribe per company?

There is no minimum cap to number of users who can subscribe to SmartClick.

  • What are the causes of termination?

The causes of termination are non-payment or non-renewal at the end of contract period.

  • What are the documents required to subscribe to SmartClick?

Bank account details, one address proof, GST/TIN No and PAN Card would be the basic documents required to subscribe to SmartClick.

  • What is the termination notice period?

The termination notice period is of 1 month prior to the closure of the contract.

  • What budget do you need to incorporate SmartClick in your company?

SmartClick requires a minimal budget of Rs. 200/month/user.

  • Do I have to pay any charges to subscribe to SmartClick?

There are no additional charges to be paid to subscribe to SmartClick. The per user subscription charge would be the only payable charge at the time of subscription.

  • Can I add or remove new modules to my existing SmartClick plan?

Yes, you can from the subsequent billing cycle of your SmartClick plan.

  • Is there minimum subscription period for SmartClick?

The minimum contract tenure is of 3 months. However, we recommend a subscription of 1 year to allow enough data to be recorded in order to register real-time business profits through in formed analytics.



1. Which platform is the application currently available on?


SmartClick is available on Android platform.

2. What is the minimum software and device requirement for this app to run?

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A smartphone with Android 4.0 and above is the minimum requirement for SmartClick


3. Is GPS hardware necessary for this application?

Yes, non-availability of GPS limits features and intelligence of SmartClick.

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